Media and Investment Group
Yard Capital
Investing into early-stage startups in media, blockchain and AL/ML industries. Crypto and NFT investment through BlockYard fund
Yard Media
Internet and traditional media holding serving over 2 billion annual visitors, Google Strategic Partner.
Yard Tech
In-house venture initiative, focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning and future tech.
Sectors of Investment and Expertise
Media and Traffic

We are running a successful media business and look for partnerships and M&A opportunities. We know how to enhance the traffic products and make them more profitable and sustainable.

AI and ML

Our AI/ML teams focus on Natural Language Processing and Image Generation. We are interested in investing into AI/ML projects in these niches and are open to partnerships on a product level.

Blockchain and Crypto

We are investing into cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFT projects. This investment department is functioning independently as Please visit their website for the detailed info.

Future Internet Tech

Welcoming founders and teams with interesting ideas that can potentially change the landscape of the Internet tomorrow. We support these initiatives through our financial, human and networking resources.

Average Check
Annual Audience in Media
Equity Investment
Vladimir Nesteroff
General Partner
Yaroslav Shakula
Managing Partner
Max Zuckerman
IR Advisor
Tatyana Titova
BD Advisor
Eugene Shakula
Program Manager